Consumer Sleep Monitor

Problem Space: Who are the gatekeepers of sleep in the modern family?
How do we appeal to core potential to these core demographics?
Rationale of brand proposition?
The purple is the most neutral appealing colour for a luxury product for both men and women. The packaging acts as a nightlight to occupy the precious real-estate next to your bed on your locker. It acts also as a barrier to your phone usage.That sleep is precious and it should be protected, and that the smarter person has better sleep hygiene to increase their performance and maintain a sense of well-being.
People need to go through a self-discovery phase to respect their sleep and justify purchasing device and application to empower this. Wives are the decision makers in homes. Young progressive career driven women want to tweak their performance and health. Habit requires physical and non physical touchpoints. Barriers to sleep are universal and relatable - This implies the need to build forums and communities online to express frustration and personal tips and tricks for others.
Core interaction - 'Sleep Dial'
Brand, Theme & Colour

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